For Sellers

Getting ready to sell your home can feel like an overwhelming process. My goal is to make this as stress free as possible. Here are some general steps that take you through this exciting process.


Visit the property and put together a comparative pricing analysis

It’s important to analyze your home to see how it compares to other properties on the market. This may take a visit or two, but it’s an important step in evaluating pricing. I’ll research the area and provide a report for you.

Let’s talk checklists!

It’s rare that our homes are showcase ready. I’ll make a checklist of items to get your home prepared. Some clients take care of the items themselves. If not, I have a team of cleaners, handymen, and gardeners to get your home in the best possible condition for sale.

Create a schedule unique to your property and goals

Getting you where you need to be is important. Scheduling services to get there on time is imperative. These may include:

  • Staging quote and installation 

  • Sewer scope and review

  • Home inspection and report generation

  • Professional photography and drone work


Every home is advertised by print, internet, social media as well as hosted opens. The listing is available for viewing to all Washington agents plus online hubs such as Zillow, Trulia,, and my personal website. 

It’s all about communication

When we are live, I’ll be in daily communication with you regarding how many agents see the house, what feedback I receive, as well as any competition that we see come on the market. It’s important for me that you know exactly what’s going on. Whether this is your first or tenth house sale, I will keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

Review offers with you upon receipt or on a specific date

To ensure the maximum exposure to the market, I like to allow for at least a week before viewing offers. Before reviewing offers, I research the financial stability of the buyer. If you choose, I may take offers upon receipt. The market and specific area may dictate which option is the most advantageous to you. I will discuss both options.

Negotiate, accept an offer and move toward closing

Once a suitable offer has been accepted I will explain in detail the closing process and provide you with a timeline of events calendar to keep you informed of the progress. I work with the lender, Title and Escrow to ensure a timely and successful closing. I update you continually so you always know where we are.

What is my homes value?

Keeping up with Seattle home values can be overwhelming, but we’ve made it simple here. You’ll receive an email each month with housing trends and sales catered to your zip code.

We moved across the country before listing the house and Heidi took care of all the preparation work to get the house ready for sale.
— Marcia Huffsmith

Preparation is Everything

“You Gotta Spend a Little Money to Make More Money!” That’s what my father taught me.

Prepping a house for sale is something that I love to help sellers with. No one wants to spend a ton of money getting their home ready for sale, but there are a number of key things that can help your home look more attractive to buyers. Together, we’ll put a plan together that works within your budget and timeframe. I work with trusted contractors that are skilled and fair. Why taking these steps, your home can maximize its’ selling potential and often garner you offers above the asking price.

Kitchen BandA Kitchen 1.jpg

We updated this Craftsman kitchen with new cabinet fronts, floor tiles, hardware inclusive of taps and of course, a new lick of paint! Transformation amaze-balls.

Kitchen BandA Living.jpg

Nothing more than a good de-clutter, a fresh lick of paint and working closely with the Stagers to brighten up this living room.